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Our repair service has expanded, in addition to fiberglass kayaks, we can repair or rehab most paddle sport vessels made from composite materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber & kevlar plus plastic including rotomolded and thermoformed plastics.

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Retail Sales

Retail Sales

At our retail store we sell the equipment that we have found to be the best value in terms of quality, durability and price. Soon we will also have an online shop so you can purchase your favorite paddling gear right from the comfort of your own home.

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We live in a great place for the sport of kayaking which I love. When Im not repairing kayaks you can find me out on the water teaching and playing. I hold instructor certifications with the American Canoe Association and Paddles Sports North America.

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What our clients say

We are proud to have well known and big business clients.

  • The repairs are a work of craftsmanship

    The repairs are a work of craftsmanship

    The boat really looks great. With all those sites letting water where water shouldn’t be… Accolades for finding so many hidden leaks! I’m so grateful for your efforts and appreciate the pressure testing. Thanks for color-matching the skeg area. I love being in that boat; it’s a wonderful kayak to paddle. I am so appreciative of the dry hatches. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the water. - Jill from Anacortes, WA
  • I am loving it!

    I am loving it!

    For the past several years I have taken my Kayaks exclusively to Rhonda Schwab at Kayakers go Coastal for repairs. Her work is top quality and prices very reasonable. Highly recommended!!! - Kirt from Shoreline, WA
  • Body Boat Blade

    Body Boat Blade

    Rhonda Schwab has been the boat repair person for our kayak school, Body Boat Blade International, and for many of our students for the past several years. Rhonda has consistently done great work for us and has even satisfied Shawna’s artistic sensibilities of adding stars, moons, and galaxies in repairing her boats! If ever we have had an issue with a repair, Rhonda has backed up her guarantee of making sure that we are 100% happy with the final repair. - Shawna Franklin and Leon Sommé
  • I was so impressed with the care that Rhonda took when setting my boat up for repairs

    I was so impressed with the care that Rhonda took when setting my boat up for repairs

    I cannot say enough about the service that I received from KGC. I heard about Rhonda’s service through word of mouth and an article in Kayakers Magazine. I have seen much of Rhonda’s work and knew if I ever needed repairs, she would be my go-to person. When I decided my Romany needed a full keel strip and other repairs, I contacted Kayakers Go Coastal, I delivered my boat, at the height of the season, and Rhonda was very keen on getting the work done and me back in the water (That made two of us). I had my boat back within a week. The workmanship is something to admire.

    I was also impressed with the care that Rhonda took when setting my boat up for repairs. She took the time to ask the questions to be sure that I was getting what was requested. I also felt that her work area is first rate. It is clean and organized. She is also a great resource for anything pertaining to paddling. After seeing the repairs and work that Kayakers Go Coastal is capable of, other paddling friends have entrusted their boats to her. - Connie from Ocean Shores, WA

  • "She loves doing her work and it clearly shows.”

    Rhonda has done a fabulous job repairing both my sea and surf boats and her rates are very reasonable. - Ayu from Seattle, WA
  • The “GO TO” place for kayak repairs and upgrades

    The “GO TO” place for kayak repairs and upgrades

    Rhonda is knowledgeable about all types of kayak repairs and friendly. She placed a keelstrip on one of our boats a few years ago. She is repairing one of our boats with fiberglass cracking and a pretty big chip that broke off the bottom… we’re getting a keel strip on this one too. - Robin
  • I treat my boat rough, but she makes it shine!

    I treat my boat rough, but she makes it shine!

    I’ve had several repairs done by Rhonda at Kayakers Go Coastal and have always been delighted at the outcome. She gladly shares her knowledge of boats to review my repair options. I haven’t found a type of repair to stump her yet. - Matt



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