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Our Experience

I moved out west in 1995 and started kayaking within a year. From that moment on I was hooked on this sport and the people I met along the way. I am an active member in the Sea Kayaking community and hold certifications with the American Canoe Association and the British Canoe Union. I got my meager start in repairing kayaks through a class I took and have been repairing kayaks professionally since 2001. I have an enthusiastic passion for the art of repairing and working on all paddle craft. I work on paddle boards, standup boards, surf boards, surf boats, kayak surf boats, canoes, surf ski and wave boards.

Our Philosophy

Provide an enthusiastic, supportive, and positive learning atmosphere in which every client has the opportunity to develop their kayaking skills in a safe and fun environment. As well as a passion and excitement for restoring damaged kayaks to their original appearance, color, and performance using my artistic abilities, to achieve a quality repair.

Our Team

Award winning team with a passion for technology.

  • Rhonda Schwab

    Rhonda Schwab

    I was born and raised in Georgia on the coast. I moved to Washington in 1995 and had my first kayak lesson with the Mountaineers in 1996 and have been kayaking ever since. I am a Certified British Canoeing 4 Star Paddler, Coach Level 2, & Canoe Level 2, & American Canoe Association Level 4, Open Water Sea & Surf Instructor.

    Spending many weekends on the waters of Puget Sound. During the summer I have lead trips to places like Nootka or Desolation Sound in British Columbia. I also enjoy paddling in the San Juan's and on the coast of Washington, however, my favorite playground is Deception Pass.

    I have held several roles with the Washington Kayak Club since 2002, from President to my current role since 2006 as Clinic & Training Chair (Sea Kayaking). I like teaching sea-kayaking classes ranging from Basic to Advanced and Coastal to Roll Clinics.

    I have been Repairing kayaks since 2001 and have an enthusiastic passion for the art of repairing and working on kayaks and alike.

  • Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    I discovered kayaking in 2006. I am a certified American Canoe Association Level 4 Open Water Sea Kayak & Surf Instructor. I am an instructor with the Washington Kayak Club in the Advanced, Basic and Coastal Clinics as well as an instructor for the Roll Clinics.

    I am also a master scuba diver, a sculling rower, I have lead six climbs on Rainier and many backpack trips. I have held a pilot’s license since I was 16 and lived in Ketchikan, Alaska for several years flying the "Dehavilain Beavers" on floats.

  • Ebb Tide (Ebbie)

    Ebb Tide (Ebbie)

    Ebbie is a British Canoeing 5 Star Sea Leader and has paddled some of the roughest water all over the world.

  • Rip Tide (Rip)

    Rip Tide (Rip)

    Rip is most at home playing in the rip tides surrounding Deception Pass.

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  • Ebb Tide (Ebbie)
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