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Our shop has expanded its repairing …. We are not just limited to only

Fiber Glass Boats, but we do a range of kayaks, canoes, recreational,

touring, tandem, sit-on-top, white water boats, including paddleboards,

surf ski’s, surfboards, and if you put it in the water we can probably repair it….


Fiber Glass


Carbon Fiber


    call today for a quote on you repair ……. 253-735-9402

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Check out the services page for more on how Kayakers Go Coastal, Inc. can repair and restore your boat


We are here and ready to teach, repair and motivate you for kayaking and the joys that surround this wonderful sport.

We live in a great place for the sport of kayaking which I love.  The outdoors and kayaking is my joy and pleasure.  You will find me working in my shop repairing boats or out on the water teaching and playing.   My Crew and I work together and when you get me you get the full crew.

So how did this happen?   It all  started when I moved to North West in 1995, took my first class in kayaking in 96.  From that moment on I was hooked on this sport and the people I met along the way.

Joined the Mountaineers and Washington Kayak Club, took sea kayaking classes and more.   Volunteered my time in the sea kayaking basic classes and then moved to chair for the Tacoma Mountaineers Sea Kayaking classes.  Past President for the Washington Kayak Club 2006 to 2007, and now Clinic & Training Chair for WKC from 2007 to present

We do Washington, California, Idaho and Oregon kayak repair…..

Certified BCU (British Canoe Union) 4 Star Sea, 2 star Open Canoe and Coach 2.    ACA (American Canoe Association) L4 Instructor for open water and surf

Ok so where do the repairs come in…………….from taking  a simple class on fiberglass repairs to having a shop full of boats to repair.   Since 2001,  repairing kayaks and  have an enthusiastic  passion for the art of repairing and working on kayaks and alike.


Need a keel strip well we can do black, white or just about any color you would like just give us a call.

We also sell our rapid repair kit in Washington,  Oregon, California and Idaho.  You wouldn’t drive without a spare tire so why paddle without a repair kit?
Check out the NSR 150